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While creating our brands we were guided by our mission:

To provide everything that customers from the toy, school, gift and office industries need in high quality and at a very good price!

We have created brands that are a wide offer that meets the needs of consumers from birth. Starting from trolleys, through toys, school accesories, creative products, to products necessary for office work.


Starpak - First class durability!
Brand with rich offer of school, office and gift articles. Its mission is to gives the clients durable products, which will accompany children at school and home. STARPAK products support the creative development of the child.
All we want is that everybody could find in STARPAK offer all he or she needs and with the best durability and the right price.
The durability without compromises.
Our products stand out a durability. We choose solutions, which are tested, includes durability materials, technology, finish, and design. We still looking for new and better solutions, to up quality of our products.

Brand website www.starpak.eu


Prima Art - great art starts with the little one!
A brand of professional art products for lovers of drawing and painting. The brand's offer includes a wide range of art products at a high quality and attractive price. The products are unisex, so they are often used by boys and girls. Quality and affordable price make them readily used by professionals, hobbyists and amateurs.
Brand website  www.prima-art.pl

Axel is a brand of high quality school and office calculators at good prices. In our offer you can find products in various shapes, colors and with various functions. From simple pocket calculators, through large and convenient office calculators, to specialized scientific calculators.

Brand of toys for girls and boys, children of all ages. 
Toys that educate, develop manual skills, creativity and abstract thinking skills… but first of all entertain. That's why you can recognize Mega Creative toys by smiles on children's faces!

Brand profile on Facebook www.facebook.com/megacreative
Brand of building blocks for children at evry age. Building blocks halp children to develop their creativity and spatial thinking. Blocks sets allow to create fascinating worlds in which one can immerge oneself for many hours of wonderful fun. It is a great fun for the whole family! 
Craft With Fun is a brand of hobby products which develop manual skills and imagination and teach creativity. A brand created in response to the growing needs of consumers who want to create and decorate. The brand's offer includes all basic decorating products as well as diy sets. Before Easter and Christmas there are series that allow you to make Christmas decorations yourself.

Brand profile on Facebook www.facebook.com/craftwithfun

My Bubble is fantastic fun for every season at home, kindergarten and outdoors. My Bubble's offer is very wide and adapted to the needs of various consumer groups. We offer soap bubbles:
- for boys, for girls, unisex
- licenced and non-licenced
- traditional soap bubbles, advanced toys and sets for soap bubbles
Thanks to the high quality our soap bubbels are completely safe for children and for the interiors ☺

A brand of stickers for real fans of collecting and decorating. The Sticker Boo offer includes stickers sets and accessories, thanks to which everyone can decorate with stickers or create their own collection.
Thanks to the variety of stickers, everyone can find something for themselves.
The brand offers stickers:
- for boys, for girls, unisex
- licenced and non-licenced
- educational
- made with different techniques: sliver, glitter, laser, handmade, etc.

Bam Bam – much more than toys!

A brand of educational toys for children up to 3 years of age, created to support the development of a child by awakening his senses at every stage, from newborn to preschooler.

Brand website www.bam-bam.pl

A brand created for children, to ensure maximum safety and comfort in the wonderfull process of exploring the world.  
The brand was also created for dynamic and young parents who want to experience the charms of parenthood without restrictions.
Functional, simple and convenient solutions guarantee unrestricted joy of discovering the world together!

Brand website zumakids.eu

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